2018 called, and they want their sales playbook back.

B2B buyers have changed. B2B sellers have not. Here’s why your team must adapt now…

Level up your team’s prospecting skills

And watch them exceed quota.

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of C-level executives use social media when making purchasing decisions

B2B sales is forever changed. Adding names to a sequence, blasting sales-y emails, and sending spammy InMails…those do more harm than good. Modern sales focuses on authenticity, personalization, creative messaging, and leveraging social media. That’s where we come in. Luminetics’ modern prospecting methodologies drive pipeline, exceed quotas, and put your brand in the top 1%.

Why Top-Performing B2B Sellers are Choosing to Ditch the Pitch and Embrace Social Selling


Social Sellers increase in revenue growth compared to laggards


of B2B buyers are active on social media.


of salespeople using social selling report an increase in sales


More opportunities are created in comparison with non-social sellers

Social Selling Stats from MarketSplash

We help B2B sales teams drive revenue through social selling.


of decision makers say they never respond to cold outreach

So why are you still relying on impersonal cold email campaigns to drive qualified pipeline?

If you want your sales team to actually hit and exceed quota, they need to master the art of social selling and personalized engagement.

They need to build their LinkedIn personal brands, become Sales Navigator pros, and integrate a daily social selling routine.

It’s a great training program that has the right amount of balance with instruction, workshops and follow up to ensure the necessary skills are put into action. My team was constantly achieving 120%.
Eric Egger

Enterprise SDR Manager, ExtraHop

With Mandy’s help our team has increased their connect, reply rates, increased views/comments/visibility of their own content as well as Loadsmart’s, and much more! We would recommend Mandy for specialized training with your sales teams, as she is a pleasure to work with and you will see results!
Stephanie Benavidez

Head of Sales Enablement, Loadsmart

Social selling planning session

If you don’t have a plan, you can’t plan to win.

Request a 30-minute social selling planning session with us.

“That training session has ultimately opened up so many doors that I did not know were available to me.”

Will S.
Director of Strategic Accounts at Disperse

“The biggest takeaway was the LinkedIn profile optimization. It provided tangible results in increased profile visits.

Hunter L.
Business Development Representative, ExtraHop

Here’s what kind of results you can expect


How can you lead your industry and consistently drive qualified pipeline?

Level Up Your Teams’ Prospecting Skills

Equipping your sales team with the right strategies and tools is crucial for standing out and driving revenue. Luminetics’ top-rated social selling programs offer comprehensive training to maximize LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and email to drive consistent opportunities. We guarantee real results in under 30 days.

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Invest In Building Your Brand

Your sales and executive team’s brands are equally important as your company’s brand. Investing in both boosts market visibility and trust, establishing your team as industry leaders. Our Executive Influence program transforms your team into mini thought leaders, enhancing your brand’s influence and setting you apart.

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Partner With Creative Minds

Staying ahead in B2B sales and marketing demands agility and innovation. Our Go-to-Market strategies offer just that, ensuring your strategies are as dynamic as the marketplace. As your strategic partner, we enable you to focus on closing deals and exceeding goals, while helping you navigate the ever-changing buyer landscape.

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What results can you expect from having a team of social selling ninjas?

We are so confident your team will see results with our Modern Social Seller program, that we offer a risk-free guarantee. If you don’t see results in 30 days after your team implements our systems, we’ll refund your investment.


quota achievement


more interactions


more impressions

Our team left the training less than 48 hours ago with action items to implement and some have already seen an increase in engagement from their prospects. I can’t say enough good things about Mandy and Mod Girl!
Michelle Hernandez

Director, Strategic Partners, Aceyus

Mandy’s expertise in LinkedIn is truly remarkable. Her training sessions were invaluable in helping our team harness LinkedIn’s full potential. We’ve seen a significant improvement in our LinkedIn presence and engagement.
Weston Norris

SVP Enterprise Sales, Xometry

Mandy hit a home run! Her advice and techniques were so simple to understand and execute. We were all thinking “why didn’t we do this sooner?” She provided step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow.

Corey Livingston

SVP, Marketing, OneNeck IT Solutions

There’s a new way to sell in B2B.

And it doesn’t involve mass cold emails, relying on sequences, and blasting InMails.