Executive Thought Leaders Drive Revenue

82% of people are more likely to trust a company when its executives are active on social media.*
Source: *CEO Hangout

Executive Influence
by Luminetics

Transform your leadership team into recognized thought leaders and strategic masterminds in 90 days with our discreet, high-impact strategy and content service.

In a digital world where credibility and influence are currency, our Executive Influence program is designed to position you and your leadership at the forefront of industry conversations and insights by leveraging the power of video.

Mandy and her team are top-notch. She helped me optimize my profile and develop content, lead generation, and engagement strategies. These strategies work. I landed a new high-value client using Sales Navigator during the first two weeks and my network has grown significantly. If you are looking to perfect your LinkedIn game, call Mandy.

Ben Dixon

Luxury Broker, Mackay Dixon Team

We partnered with Mandy and the Mod Girl Marketing team to help take our brand to the next level, we wanted an omnipresence and they delivered tenfold. We immediately saw an increase in LinkedIn activity and incredible growth across all social platforms. Mandy’s team is efficient, innovative, responsive, and amazing to work with.

Bryan Bergjans

SVP Military and Veteran Lending, NewRez

Do you really need thought leadership to dominate your industry?


In today’s fast-paced market, a strong, visible thought leadership presence is not just an advantage — it’s a necessity. It’s about shaping the conversation, driving innovation, and building lasting trust with your audience.

There’s a reason why 65% of decision-makers on LinkedIn report a positive change in their perception of a company due to thought leadership.

* Influencer Marketing Hub

This is what you can expect from building your team of thought leaders:

Drive Conversations

Spark industry-wide discussions with your executive’s insights.

Increase Opportunities

Convert thought leadership into tangible business growth.

Expand Influence

Watch your company and personal audiences grow with every insightful interaction.

Enhance Visibility

Stand out in a crowded market with your executives driving meaningful conversations.

Cultivate Trust

Forge stronger relationships as clients see your executives at the forefront.

Boost Conversions

Translate increased trust into profitable engagements.

We help B2B brands create and implement powerful thought leadership programs.

Videos Created by Luminetics:

What’s the fastest way to build your team of industry thought leaders?

85% of B2B marketers found video an effective medium
for online engagement.*
Source: *Vidyard

Unleash Your Leaders’ Potential with Executive Influence

Transform Your Executives into Industry Thought Leaders in Just 90 Days

Executive Influence is monthly journey that transforms your executive presence on LinkedIn through strategic video content, expert-driven post-production, and targeted engagement, ensuring your teams’ voice isn’t just heard — it leads.

What’s included:

Bespoke Video and Content Strategy

Expert Profile Enhancement

Thought Leadership and Content Playbooks

Remote Pre and Post Video Production

Targeted Engagement Tactics

Algorithm Updates and Trend Insights

From profile optimization to a comprehensive video strategy and ongoing content creation, our suite of services is designed to amplify your influence and establish your executives as trusted industry leaders.

We believe in a world where every business leader and brand is driven by meaningful growth and innovation, not by satisfying the ego.

Mandy played a pivotal role in maximizing the impact of my content, offering personalized support every step of the way. The quality of both video and written content delivered exceeded my expectations. This not only saved me a significant amount of time but also led to a noticeable increase in my followers.

Will Synnott

VP of Sales, Disperse

Invest in yourself and grow your network and do it the right way. Do it with Mandy and her team. I got the white glove service from day one, and it was clear from the first interview to the impressions on my views. Mandy and her team got Executive Influence down to the science. Pay Luminetics. It’s an investment.

Jacob Molz

Business Leader and Entrepreneur

Here’s what kind of results you can expect

Social selling planning session

If you don’t have a plan, you can’t plan to win.

Request your thought leadership planning session.