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Dynamic LinkedIn Training & Consulting for Your Organization 

"Mandy's [training] was impressive to say the least! Her charisma and passion shined through. She knew exactly how to engage her audience in an interactive and informative manner." 
Gabriella Ramirez, PR Manager for LinkedIn at Media Monks
Empower Your Team With LinkedIn Strategies That Get Results

There is a profitable gold mine that your team has yet to master. LinkedIn.

And if you wait any longer to mine that gold, your competitors will reap the benefits. 
You must empower the people in your organization to leverage LinkedIn effectively by giving them the tools and support they need to make things happen.

Increase Visibility & Authority

Increase Sales Pipelines

Accelerate Employee Advocacy 

Reduce Sales Cycles and CACs

Build Long-Term Thought Leadership

Dramatically Increase Marketing ROI

Build Brand Visibility & Authority

Generate Sales Pipelines

Reduce Sales Cycles and CACs

Build Long-Term Thought Leadership

Innovative LinkedIn Training That Entertains And Gets Results
"Mandy is a breath of fresh air and a wealth of knowledge. She is a great communicator and able to deep dive into the world of LinkedIn and personal branding. I hired her for a virtual event workshop and she nailed it. The audience learned so much and my team and I were truly thrilled with her training execution. If you are looking for a LinkedIn and personal branding expert, I 100% recommend Mandy."
Who We Help
We work with results-driven B2B enterprises wanting to leverage LinkedIn to increase their revenues, brand exposure, and thought leadership. 

Our industry experience includes: 




Real Estate

Professional Services





Real Estate

Professional Services


Why Luminetics? 

We've been in the LinkedIn and digital marketing game since 2010 as Mod Girl Marketing. Our founder, Mandy McEwen, is a social media thought leader and has collaborated with LinkedIn's team on numerous projects. She has been named a top B2B marketer by LinkedIn and other reputable media outlets, in addition to speaking at numerous events across the globe. Mandy saw a crucial need among B2B enterprises needing customized strategies to amplify their LinkedIn presence, so she founded Luminetics in 2021.

Here are clips from two of the many LinkedIn events Mandy has participated in:

LinkedIn Studio Week - 2020

"If you're thinking of working with Mandy, please jump at the opportunity. Mandy is super knowledgeable about marketing and using LinkedIn for marketing. She has a ton of experience in the industry. She's energetic, fun, and makes learning effortless and easy.  She will respect your time by adding value to every single training to make you successful."

Live With Marketers - 2019

"We had Mandy on our Live with Marketers show and the energy she brought to the broadcast helped us earn one of the highest NPS of the year! Her expertise and vast knowledge about the B2B marketing landscape is inspirational and contagious. She's also just a lovely person to work with - I continue to seek her opinion and keep in touch."

 Alex Rynne, Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

Dynamic LinkedIn Training For Marketing, Sales, & Leadership Teams

Our customized live virtual training provides your team with the tactics and support they need to expand your brand's reach and increase sales. Led by LinkedIn Master Trainer Mandy McEwen and our team of seasoned LinkedIn experts, our bespoke training methods will set you up for long-term success.
Your team will receive a hands-on experience in a fun and engaging manner. 

Our LinkedIn training includes:

Building Thought Leadership With LinkedIn Content

  • Creating Engaging Content
  • ​Curating Strategic Content 
  • ​Sharing Content
  • ​Content Post Types
  • ​Content Frequency
  • ​Content Promotion

LinkedIn Business Development Using Sales Navigator

  • Warm Market Prospecting
  • ​Cold Marketing Prospecting
  • ​Search Parameters & Tricks
  • ​Building Targeted Lists
  • ​Outreach Messaging 
  • ​CRM Integrations 

Nurturing and Engaging New & Existing Connections on LinkedIn

  • Engaging Old Connections
  • Engaging New Connections
  • High-Converting Messages
  • Groups & Influencers
  • ​Commenting on Posts
  • ​Relationship Building
After Implementing Our Strategies, Clients See Results Fast
"Mandy and her team helped us create, plan out, and leverage our content marketing strategy so we can stand out in our industry. Almost immediately we saw record engagement in our LinkedIn campaigns and learned valuable skillsets and techniques we can confidently use going forward."

We Do The Heavy Lifting For You & Guide Your Team Every Step of The Way
Mod Girl Marketing is an award-winning agency that has partnered with brands for over 11 years.

We provide world-class LinkedIn training & workshops for your team(s).

We also devise robust, customized LinkedIn strategies, provide ongoing consulting, and have done-for-you offerings. 

We are an extension of your team - with you every step of the way - our brains, our experience, our methods, our passion. Learn more about us here.
Meet Your LinkedIn Master Trainer, Mandy McEwen

Mandy McEwen is the Founder & CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in California. 

She has been marketing successful brands online since 2007. In 2010, she started a marketing agency, Mod Girl Marketing. 
Mandy has been named a Top 24 B2B Marketer by LinkedIn, listed in Search Engine Journal as a Top 12 SEO Expert, and named a Top 20 Female Marketer by G2. Her agency, Mod Girl Marketing, has been consistently named a Top 20 Marketing Agency by DesignRush.
She is a renowned mentor with 8+ marketing courses and an Inc-rated Facebook group. She regularly speaks at virtual conferences around the globe.

In 2021, Mandy launched Luminetics, a Mod Girl® brand that provides bespoke LinkedIn solutions for ambitious enterprises. Connect with Mandy on LinkedIn here.

Jason Swenk
Agency Growth Consultant,
Creator of The Agency Playbook
Jason Swenk
As someone that has been helping other agency owners grow their agency faster, there are tons of self-proclaimed "gurus" that are simply out to help themselves only. It's refreshing to find someone like Mandy, who genuinely cares about helping agency owners get to the next level.

The Best Way to Start Producing Thought Leadership Content

 Our Founder & CEO, Mandy McEwen, hosts a monthly LinkedIn Live show, Ambitious Outcomes, where she reveals the latest LinkedIn trends & strategies, interviews expert guests, and more. This video is a snippet from an episode. You can watch more videos from Mandy here.

Watch Mandy's Videos

  Mandy hosts a monthly LinkedIn Live show, Ambitious Outcomes, where she reveals the latest LinkedIn trends and strategies, interviews expert guests, and more. Some of the videos above include snippets from past episodes. You can watch more videos from Mandy here.

How Luminetics Builds Personal Brands

We create and manage the personal brands for key members of your executive team via bespoke content and thought leadership marketing. 

Genius Download 

We’ll kickoff with a deeper, getting-to-know-your-brand call to listen and learn about your brand’s overall goals. You’ll be set up in our project management system and get a full download on our process.

Research & Strategy

We spend time researching and brainstorming to create your personalized, custom strategy that lines up with your goals. We make your game plan a true map - with detailed and actionable steps.

LinkedIn Profile Overhaul

We turn your key employees’ low-key vanilla LinkedIn profiles into true reflections of their expertise and your brand’s value. We also leverage dynamic, SEO-friendly copy that encourages conversations and engages audiences.

Content Creation

We harness your team’s individuality to create personalized videos and thought leadership content on a consistent basis. We also collaborate with your marketing team to develop and promote engaging content. 

Engagement & Awareness

We deploy organic engagement tactics that involve specific employees and other LinkedIn content creators so that the content posted on your behalf gets maximum exposure. 

Training & Support

In addition to done-for-you content & personal branding, we provide your team with ongoing training and support, so that you’ll be well-equipped for all LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Ready to Make LinkedIn Work For Your Enterprise?

The traditional methods of brand building and client acquisition are no longer effective. 

If you want be a leading enterprise in your industry, you need innovative B2B marketing leveraging the world's #1 B2B network, LinkedIn.  

And you need a trusted, experienced LinkedIn partner who gets it and gets results. 

Our proven training methods and strategies will give your team the tools they need to build brand authority, exceed company goals and achieve massive ROI.

We’re ready when you are.

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