Elite Social Sellers Create Market Leaders

We give your sales team the training, support, and tactics they need to win.

What Happens When You Have A Team Of Savvy Sellers

Consistent qualified pipeline

Increased conversion rates

Higher quality prospects

Expanded market dominance

Established thought leadership

Streamlined outbound processes

Enhanced customer engagement

Improved brand visibility

Elevated talent acquisition

Improved new hire onboarding

My connections continue to grow, rapidly. I’ve been targeting specific clients using SalesNav and using one or two key connections to leverage my connection request. The moment I started seeing strong growth in connections was after our training session. My monthly additional users is over 200 people. Last month I did 245.

Will Synnott

Director of Strategic Accounts, Disperse

Welcome To The Age Of The Modern Social Seller

Businesses utilizing social selling are 78% more likely to outperform those that don’t, and 51% more likely to reach their sales quotas.

*Source: LinkedIn.com

“I now have a really good strategy on how to build my network within my respective territory and how to better interact with them to get more meaningful connections.”

Blake W, Senior Enterprise Sales Development

“I’ve seen a number of people accept my connection requests and my profile views have grown. So you know that’s clear ROI right there.”

Jake F, Business Development Representative, Disperse

We help B2B sales teams drive revenue through social selling.

What Doesn’t Work Now

Spray and pray - Random outreach is out.

Bulk impersonalization - Your prospects deserve better.

Pitch slapping - Hard sells don't win hearts.

Ignoring the power of a digital presence - It's where your customers live.

What Works Now

Genuine personalization - Tailor your approach with attention to detail.

Creative outreach - Mix up calls, emails, comments, and social messages with flair.

Sales Navigator mastery - Wield this tool with precision for maximum impact.

Legit LinkedIn profiles — Your digital handshake should make an impact.

Personal brands - Nurture it, and they will come.

Relationship-focused strategies - Your relationships are your greatest asset.

This is what it takes to win.

This is what it takes to be Modern Social Seller.

89% of buyers are more likely to buy from salespeople who understand their mission and goals. Additionally, 71% of B2B buyers reported that most sales interactions felt transactional.


The Modern Social Seller Advantage

Our Modern Social Seller program is designed to be your team’s social selling master, guiding them along every step. This ongoing journey includes online training, live workshops, support, playbooks, cheat sheets, and more. 

Designed for rapid implementation and significant impact, the program equips your team with essential tools to drive social revenue and LinkedIn authority. 

1. Stand Out With Personalized Value-Driven Messaging

  • Problem: Your standard email sequences aren’t sparking interest.
  • Goal: Master the art of capturing attention with value-first, personalized messaging.
  • Solution: Our Mastery programs show you how to craft personalized messages across all platforms that make each outreach uniquely impactful.

2. Transform Your LinkedIn Personal Brand

  • Challenge: A lackluster LinkedIn profile can set you back significantly.
  • Advantage: Transform your profile and entire personal brand into a powerful attractor for opportunities and a persuasive tool for prospects.
  • Solution: Our Personal Branding Mastery program refines your digital persona to stand out, connect with more people, and make memorable first impressions.

3. Master LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Challenge: You’re underutilizing one of the most potent tools in your arsenal.
  • Objective: Unleash the full potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target and engage more effectively.
  • Solution: Our Sales Navigator Mastery program shows you the ins and outs, ensuring you leverage every feature to its fullest potential for maximum ROI.

4. Build Trust Fast By Engaging With Prospects

  • Challenge: You’re overlooked because prospects aren’t aware of you.
  • Advantage: Engage authentically to foster familiarity and trust, positioning you as the go-to in your industry.
  • Solution: Our Engagement Mastery program teaches you to start and sustain conversations that build lasting connections. Learn strategies to nurture relationships and unlock opportunities.

5. Create Credibility With Compelling Content

  • Issue: You don’t post content consistently, and your posts get little to no engagement.
  • Advantage: Learn how to post impactful content quickly, keeping you visible to your network and boosting your brand’s authority.
  • Solution: Our Content Mastery program simplifies regular posting by revealing how to curate and create compelling content, enhancing your visibility and credibility.

6. Get More Responses With Video Messages

  • Challenge: Standing out is tough in a sea of text-based communication.
  • Advantage: Cut through the clutter with video messages that grab attention and foster trust immediately.
  • Solution: Our Video Mastery program goes beyond just recording. Learn to strategize and personalize your videos to make a lasting impact, ensuring your messages resonate and remain memorable with every interaction.

7. Create Video Content That Converts

  • Challenge: Creating engaging video content that drives revenue.
  • Advantage: Utilize short-form video and connect with your audience fast.
  • Solution: Our Video Content Mastery program gives you the confidence needed to create compelling short-form videos that resonate with your audience.

After my team completed the first training session with Mandy, I saw an instant increase in their LinkedIn use. Now the time spent between calls is being spent on LinkedIn networking, not those other distracting social apps. The 30-minute checklist starts the day for us! Thanks.

Jeffrey Jones

VP of Business Development, Vetcelerator

Mandy hosted an incredible training session on social selling with our team. Even if you think you know what you are doing on LinkedIn, I promise you she can help you up your game 🔥. By incorporating some of her quick tips, my impressions grew by 424% overnight! Mandy is the real deal.

Liz Sophia

VP of Field Marketing, Manhattan Associates

What’s Included In
Your Team’s Modern Social Seller

Monthly workshops

Customized playbooks

Unlimited access to trainings

Done-with-you setup and implementation

Consulting & support

Action items & assignments

Done-for-you profile content system

Unlimited support and guidance

On average our clients report:

To See Positive Results


Increase in Content Views


Increase in Connections

Increase In Response Rates

Risk-Free Results Guarantee

If your team implements our tactics for 30 full days and they dont see any positive results, we’ll happily refund your entire investment, and cancel our engagement. No harm no foul.

Real Results, Real Growth

Don’t just take our word for it – see how teams like yours have transformed with the Modern Social Seller program.

We had the opportunity to learn from Mandy McEwen, an absolute pro in the social selling space. Our LinkedIn activity across the entire Digital Sales Team jumped a whopping 61% since her training. The team has new appreciation for the power of social selling. The feedback has been amazing!
Tim Evans

VP of Digital Sales, Loadsmart

Mandy, your program was a hit with our SDR team. Your first session and then the follow up session built momentum and gave the team a chance to practice what they learned. Even heavy LinkedIn users on the team said the learned a new way to think about building relationships and a personal brand on LinkedIn.
Mark Magnacca

President and Co-Founder, Allego, Inc.

Meet Your Team Of
Modern Social Seller Coaches

Mandy McEwen - CEO

Mandy McEwen

Mandy, Founder of Luminetics and the award-winning agency Mod Girl Marketing, brings over 17 years of brand-building, digital marketing, and sales expertise. She’s been featured in Forbes, Inc, the Huffington Post, and LinkedIn named her a top B2B marketer. Her specialties include LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, social selling, personal branding, and content marketing.


Charlotte Lloyd

Charlotte is a sales, LinkedIn, and social selling expert with over 20 years of experience in B2B sales. Before launching her consultancy, she excelled as an individual contributor for two decades, consistently achieving top-performer status. Each year, Charlotte guides over 300 sales reps in refining their LinkedIn, cold calling, and cold email strategies.

Kathy Dunlay Luminetics

Kathy Dunlay

Kathy has been helping sales teams go to market more effectively for over three decades. Since 2010, she’s advised over 100 tech companies on how to leverage modern selling techniques. And has implemented sales-enablement programs for B2B technology firms of all sizes. One of her specialties is video messaging for sales teams and video coaching for executives.

Meet more of our team here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific results can we expect from the Modern Social Seller program?

Participants in our program typically see measurable improvements in several key areas: increased LinkedIn profile views, higher engagement rates with content, more effective lead generation, and improved conversion rates.

Our strategies are designed not just to meet quotas but to exceed them by empowering your team with advanced personalization techniques, LinkedIn optimization, and modern outreach strategies. The end goal is a substantial and sustainable increase in your sales pipeline and revenue.

How does the program integrate with our current sales processes?

The Modern Social Seller program is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing sales processes. We begin with a thorough assessment of your current strategies and tools, then tailor our training to complement and enhance them.

Our approach is collaborative and flexible, ensuring that new skills and tools are adopted in a way that strengthens and streamlines your team’s efforts, not disrupts them.

What is the duration and structure of the program, and what does it entail?

The program is structured as an ongoing journey, with most teams seeing significant results within a few months. It includes continuous training, workshops, and support, with each module tackling crucial aspects of social selling.

We cover everything from personal branding and LinkedIn optimization to advanced Sales Navigator tactics and creative outreach strategies. The program is designed to be flexible, allowing your team to learn and apply new skills at a pace that suits your business rhythm.

Can the program be customized to our specific industry and company size?

Absolutely. While the core principles of effective social selling are universal, we understand that each industry and company have its unique challenges and opportunities.

Our program is highly customizable, with content and strategies tailored to your specific market, competitive landscape, and organizational structure. We work closely with you to ensure that our training addresses the specific needs and objectives of your sales team, regardless of your industry or size.

What is the investment cost, and do you offer any performance guarantees or refunds?

The Modern Social Seller delivers tailored programs for teams of any size, with investments adjusted to fit your company’s needs. Our clients consistently achieve impressive ROI by applying our proven frameworks.

We are confident in our results: if your team fully implements our tactics for 30 days and doesn’t see positive outcomes, we will refund your entire investment.

Your success drives us. As your dedicated partner, we offer top-rated B2B social selling expertise and comprehensive online training programs to ensure your success. Our yearly programs included ongoing support, training, access to online training, playbooks, templates, and a complete suite of time-saving goodness for your team. 


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