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“That training session has ultimately opened up so many doors that I did not know were available to me.”

Will S.
Director of Strategic Accounts at Disperse

“The biggest takeaway was the LinkedIn optimization. It provided immediate & tangible results in increased profile visits.

Hunter L.
Business Development Representative, ExtraHop

“I did the homework and reached out to a couple of people I hadn’t reached out to in a while and got a meeting right off it.

Kieran S.
Enterprise Account Development, ExtraHop

“The value that we’ve seen and the credibility that they provide for us really makes a big difference for me.”

Tim E.
CMO, Aceyus

Mandy’s direct approach was welcomed by all members of my team, we could see immediate changes and the effects on our Personal Social brands these brought with them.

Judith Bullock

Sales Development Director, PROS

Through Luminetics’ training, our team has learned in just 4 weeks how to better leverage social media to deliver value to our prospective customers.

Bill Glenn

VP of Marketing, ExtraHop

Mandy and her team are top-notch. She helped me optimize my profile and develop content, lead generation, and engagement strategies.

Benjamin Dixon

Luxury Real Estate Broker, Mackay Dixon Team

Mandy, your program was a hit with our SDR team. We appreciate your first session and then the follow up session two weeks later to help us build momentum and give the team a chance to practice what they learned. Even heavy LinkedIn users on the team said the learned a new way to think about building relationships and a personal brand on LinkedIn based on your content. We look forward to working with you again.

Mark Magnacca

President and Co-Founder, Allego, Inc.

Starting my LinkedIn journey felt overwhelming until I collaborated with Mandy. In just three weeks, I gained 200 meaningful connections and became proficient with the intricacies of Sales Navigator. She is undeniably savvy and an expert in her domain. And on top of that, she is a joy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking to elevate their LinkedIn presence.

Lori Hastings

Certified Leadership Coach, Execute Your Plan

I would highly recommend working with Mandy and Luminetics. Their LinkedIn profile system was very helpful and did a lot of the heavy lifting for me. I wanted to get more value out of my LinkedIn since I wasn’t using it to it’s fullest potential and Mandy’s consulting session helped me to optimize my profile in real-time with real results. LinkedIn is a powerful resource if used in the right way. Mandy and Luminetics can help you achieve that!

Gerald Bennett

Regional Sales Manager, LogRhythm

“The biggest takeaway for me was to understand how I, as a sales leader can get more engagement on our posts, so that we can grow our business as well.”

Emil J.
Sales Manager, Global Accounts, LinkedIn

“I think that few people are harnessing [the power of LinkedIn]. As a manager, I’m doing these things, but this is a tool for frontline sales.

Mark N.
Inside Sales Manager, ExtraHop

When our strategies for using LinkedIn to generate leads declined in effectiveness, we turned to the expert, Mandy McEwen. Mandy’s strategies and tips for building value have put us back on track.

Lynne Clement

Director Of Marketing, ApexDrop

Since the pandemic B2B sales has gone through a transformation. I hired Mandy has a consultant to educate and train our inside and outside sales team on how to adjust their sales approach

Marc Schroeder

Head of Marketing, Comdata

I connected with Mandy on LinkedIn in late 2016 and probably started paying attention to and following her around 2018. It was fun to watch her and her business grow over the years.

Bill Miller

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Medjet

After my team completed the first training session with Mandy, I saw an instant increase in their LinkedIn use. Now the time spent between calls is being spent on LinkedIn networking, not those other distracting social apps. The 30-minute checklist starts the day for us!

Jeffrey Jones

Vice President of Business Development, JUX

We partnered with Mandy and the Mod Girl Marketing team to help take our brand to the next level, we wanted an “OMNI” presence and they delivered tenfold. We immediately saw an increase in LinkedIn activity and saw incredible growth across all social platforms.

Bryan Bergjans

SVP, National Director of Military, Newrez LLC

LinkedIn corporate and personal branding is something that I truly believe will help us scale our business and create an abundance of opportunities. The problem our team faced was how. How do we do it right without doing more harm than good? How do we be genuine?

David White

Director, North America, CM.com

“I’ve seen several people accept my connection requests and more profile views, so you know, clear ROI right there.

Jake F.
Sales Development Representative, Disperse

“This training opened my eyes to a different and higher level of LinkedIn engagement that I will utilize.”

Christopher M.
Sales Development Specialist, ExtraHop

“I’ve increased my views dramatically, probably 5x since we started doing this.”

John S.
Sales and Business Partnerships, Disperse

“She (Mandy) made my LinkedIn profile top-notch and helped us with Sales Navigator. I started getting more leads.

TJ Green
Founder, Video Production Company

Mandy hosted an incredible training session on social selling with our team last week. Her energy and knowledge are unmatched. Even if you think you know what you are doing on LinkedIn, I promise you she can help you up your game 🔥. By incorporating some of her quick tips, my impressions grew by 424% overnight! Mandy is the real deal. The session is great for SDRs, Marketing, and Sales.

Liz Sophia

VP, Field Marketing, Manhattan Associates

I found out about Mandy through a CMO forum hosted by Heinz Marketing and 6sense. The topic of that week was all about how to improve BDR/SDR performance and there were a lot of great insights shared that day. One of the CMO’s in that session posted a chat highly recommending Mandy and Luminetics so I reached out ASAP. Within 45 days or so we had Mandy leading a LinkedIn training with the BDR’s and AE’s.

Corey Livingston

Sr. Vice President, Marketing, OneNeck IT Solutions

Our first priority – LinkedIn. We had the opportunity to learn from Mandy, an absolute pro in the #socialselling space. In our first LinkedIn Bootcamp session, she provided insight on three main learning objectives: 1) How to create high-value sales opportunities consistently while building your personal brand, 2) Build your network and garner the attention of your target audience…

Stephanie Benavidez

Head of Sales Enablement, Loadsmart

Mandy is an absolute master of LinkedIn. She did a training session for our team and it was packed with a ton of great tips, techniques and guidance. I would highly recommend her services.

Rob Scott

President, Class VI Pathfinder

Mandy has just run thought leadership training for Global Action Plan – and it genuinely was game changing. She packed amount a huge amount of practical and inspirational help and advice…

Charlotte Zamboni

Director of Marketing and Culture, Global Action Plan

Mandy and the Mod Girl team have articulately spread my message in an expert and professional way, leading to opportunities that I have wanted for years. They’ve nourished valuable connections…

Bill Kortesis, MD, FACS

Surgeon, HealthTech Investment Advisor

“I used LinkedIn as a resume builder. The tips and tricks you shared on Sales Navigator were the best.”

Justin E.
Senior Account Development, ExtraHop

“I now have a really good strategy on how to build my network & how to strategically interact with them.”

Blake W.
Inside Sales, ExtraHop

I LOVE actionable information, and Mandy’s T&C presentation in 2021 delivered in spades. While you wouldn’t typically think of LinkedIn strategy as being the most alluring content, Mandy made her talk entertaining, informative, and extremely useful for anyone looking to grow their exposure and lead generation. I learned more in 30 minutes about the power and “secret” tools of LinkedIn than I have in the last 12 months! Specifically, her simple tips regarding commenting to “make people feel important,” her checklist of action items to increase engagement, and her transparency with her own best practices.

Mark de Grasse

President, DigitalMarketer

Simply said, I love working with Mandy and her team! I have worked on a few different projects with them over the last couple of years and everyone has been a great experience with a successful outcome. Mandy and her team create robust organic digital marketing strategies, with an emphasis on LinkedIn. We have been impressed with the detail and thoroughness of their strategies. They went above and beyond to deliver an incredibly valuable strategy for us. We immediately started implementing some of their content suggestions for LinkedIn and can’t wait to implement the rest of their ideas.

Mario Garcia

President, Garcia Interactive

Mandy is hands down the best at what she does. Her team is efficient and effective at teaching and helping to implement LinkedIn strategies. It’s common in today’s market to find folks who provide presentations on how to leverage social media in your business. However, to find someone with the knowledge and the energy that Mandy brings who can inspire teams to actually adopt what she is teaching is a whole separate ball game. That’s what Mandy and her team have mastered. Our team left the training less than 48 hours ago with action items to implement and some have already seen an increase in engagement.

Michelle Hernandez

Director, Strategic Partners, Aceyus

I reached out to Mod Girl wanting some help on how we can get more awareness for our brand online. They provided a very thorough digital marketing plan that exceeded my expectations. They had some great strategies on how we can weave the Tennier story into our marketing and LinkedIn content. Plus, they introduced us to cause marketing and we loved their ideas. Working with Mod Girl was a very effective and professional experience.

Darren Slemko

President & CEO, Tennier Sanitation

Mandy is a ROCKSTAR! I have known Mandy for a while due to her amazing work on LinkedIn where she passionately shares amazing insights about the art using LinkedIn to build our thought leadership. When I hosted the Global Personal Branding Festival in December 2020, I knew I had to get Mandy to share her knowledge with us. And what an unforgettable experience it’s been! The journey of collaborating with Mandy has been enriching & insightful to me.

Tanvi Bhatt

Founder & CEO, Tanvi Bhatt International

I was struggling on making new connections on LinkedIn after years of success. I watched and was intrigued with Mandy’s Thursday Ambitious Outcomes. I hired Mandy and Mod Girl Marketing for their Thought Leader Accelerator program last month and after only a few days of using some of the tactics, I made some new connections. Even though I still have tons of work to do from what they have put together, they have truly exceeded my expectations.

David Francis

Agency Founder, Shorepoint Communications, LLC

Mandy is a breath of fresh air and a wealth of knowledge. She is a great communicator and able to deep dive into the world of LinkedIn and personal branding. I hired her for a virtual event workshop, and she nailed it. The audience learned so much and my team and I were truly thrilled with her training execution. If you are looking for a personal branding and LinkedIn expert, I 💯 recommend Mandy.

Erica Maurer

Partner, EMRG Media

We were challenged with creating an effective and impactful strategy to heighten our presence on the rapidly changing world of LinkedIn and other social media channels. We reached out to Mod Girl Marketing for help, and within moments of reaching out we had a date set and strategy session going. Mandy and her team helped us create plan out and leverage our content marketing strategy.

Bonnie Habyan

Chief Marketing Officer, X-Caliber Capital

We had the opportunity to learn from Mandy McEwen, an absolute pro in the social selling space. One important stat is that our LinkedIn activity across the entire Digital Sales Team jumped a whopping 61% since her training. This shows the team has a new appreciation of the power of social selling. The feedback has been amazing!

Tim Evans

VP of Digital Sales, Loadsmart

It’s a great training program that has the right amount of balance with instruction, workshops and follow up to ensure the necessary skills are put into action. My team was constantly achieving 120%.

Eric Egger

Enterprise SDR Manager, ExtraHop

Mandy’s expertise in LinkedIn is truly remarkable. She possesses an in-depth understanding of the platform’s features and functionalities and has a unique talent for breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable strategies. Her training sessions were invaluable in helping our team grasp the nuances of LinkedIn and harness its full potential. As a result, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our LinkedIn presence, engagement, and overall effectiveness in utilizing the platform for business growth.

Weston Norris

SVP Enterprise Sales, Xometry

Mandy did a great job of providing concise and actionable tips at our SKO to help our team deepen their knowledge around LinkedIn and Navigator. Looking forward to continuing to build this motion with her across my teams.

Cameron Shahabedin

Head of New Business Sales, Carta

Mandy’s expertise and vast knowledge about the B2B landscape is inspirational and contagious. Her energy helped us earn one of the highest NPS of the year!

Alex Rynne

Senior Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Mandy is a LinkedIn girl boss! She was the MVP at the Female Disruptors Summit and provided our audience with actionable steps on how to dominate their LinkedIn presence. Mandy’s energy is infectious, and her session was engaging, fun, and most of all informative. If you are looking for a LinkedIn speaker who truly knows her stuff, I can’t say enough great things about Mandy.

Lisa Buyer

CEO, Founder, The Buyer Group

We were thoroughly pleased with the quality of Mandy’s LinkedIn thought leadership training — the way she used humor throughout, and how actionable her content was. Mandy brought great energy, insights, inspiration, and kept our members’ attention throughout, sometimes a difficult task in webinar-style presentations.

Ali McGee Kelly

Manager, Social Media Examiner

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